It’s already been a month since I arrived to Makarska. It’s a small town on Croatian coast, not far away from my hometown. The weather and training conditions here are much better than in Zagreb so I decided to start my preparations here. My hometown would also be an option if it had a pool, but unfortunately it doesn’t. Jaroslav Kovačić, Matija Meden and Denis Šketako joined me, so now we have a nice training group here.

After “work” party

Training conditions are perfect. There’s a 25m pool that’s always empty. The busiest time in the pool is in the morning when four of us use it :). Roads are in very good conditions and there’s a lot of hills to choose from. Longest paved climb in country is here. It starts literally from the sea and goes up to 1762m. (link)

We had few minor issues once above 1500m

Running track is just under my apartment and there’s plenty of running trails as well. Most of them come with a very nice view.

Running trails come with a nice view

Weather served us well so far. There’s been only a couple of days with rain. Temperatures are mostly around 15C during the day and since the sea is still warm (18-19C) night temperatures rarely go under 10C. The place is notorious for very strong “bura” wind that can blow up to 200 kph. So far we haven’t seen much of it and I hope it stays like this.

Training mode

Training is going well so I decided to start the race season sooner than originally planned, so I entered Dubai 70.3 at the start of January. Main goal for this year is to qualify and place top10 in Hawaii. I hope to secure qualification by the end of June so I can try to defend Embrunman title as well. Third goal is to win an Ironman race. If I accomplish one of those 3 I’d be satisfied.


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