Guadeloupe triathlon

Past weekend I raced Guadeloupe triathlon. If I didn’t I wouldn’t know that European Union reaches all the way till Carebeean, as Guadeloupe is part of France. The trip went quicker once I knew that I’m traveling only to France ;).

view from my room

First two days were mostly cloudy and windy with temperatures around 25C. On race day, the weather turned better, or worse, depending on angle of view. It was sunny, few degrees warmer, no wind and the same humidity as in previous days.


The swim was held near the marina in small town called Saint François. Carebeean sea was warm enough not to even think about wetsuits. After 500m I lost the feet and spent a lot of time 10-20m behind the group. It was frustrating but I didn’t have that little bit extra speed to close the gap once it opened. By the end I lost minute and a half to the group. I was expecting strong swimmers like Guillaume would be ahead of this group, so I was pleasantly surprised when I realized the group that I lost was in fact front group.


I felt good on the bike and after 20 km already had third placed guy in my sight. The thing I didn’t have in sight was a hole in the road few kilometers later which enabled me to have a closer look at Guadeloupean asphalt. It was on a slight downhill so the speed was quite high and I left a lot of skin on the road. Luckily, bones and carbon were in one piece and I was able to continue. By the time I reached transition I got back into third spot. In the meantime Guillaume has opened a huge gap and Jolicoeur was about 2 minutes in front of me.


It was getting hot in the second part of the bike but the heat got us properly on the run. There was no shade, no wind and it felt like running through oven.  Besides the heat, I had a hematom above my knee from the crash which made running a bit more difficult. This was slowest run I ever did in any race over any distance. However, others struggled as well, so I managed to improve my position and finish second.


Given the circumstances I’m happy with the race. Romain was too strong on this day and even without the crash I don’t think I’d be able to beat him. I was a bit worried that the new injuries would hinder my preparations for South Africa. Luckily, it looks like that won’t happen. Hematom is almost gone, I’m left with only road rash, but I can train in all three disciplines without problems.


It was nice to replace winter with summer for a week. Guadeloupe is beautiful. It’s a shame that I didn’t have a chance to explore it as much as I would like because of injuries, so I’ll have to return next year ;).


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