Ocean Lava Montenegro – video

This past weekend I was in Kotor, Montenegro for the filming of  promotional video for Ocean Lava Montenegro race. The race will be held on 3rd  of July this year. This was the first time I saw professional filming crew in action. Before I arrived, I didn’t know why we need two full days for one short 50 second video and another one that’s only 3 minutes long. Now I know. They look after every detail. If we didn’t have an exact filming plan this would take us much more time.


The race is part of Ocean Lava series and will be held on July 3rd in Kotor. There will be 2 lap swim in Kotor bay, only 100m from the old town. Sea temperature was 16-17 degrees this weekend so it probably won’t get any colder by July :). Protected bay guarantees calm water and currents are negligible.


Bike course is on the coastal road along the bay. The course is flat or slightly rolling. It goes through UNESCO world heritage site, sea is on one side and steep mountains on the other.


There will be 2 lap run course which starts at the old town and goes through village Dobrota. The whole course is along the sea and it’s completely flat. It goes by many cultural monuments, part of which date from Roman and Illyrian times. Finish line is located at the entrance into Kotor old town.


This was my first visit to Boka Kotorska bay and I was pleasantly surprised. There’s a lot to see in Kotor and surrounding area. Besides beautiful nature, Boka Kotorska has rich cultural heritage. It’s no wonder, Lonely planet rated Kotor on the first place of cities to visit in 2016.


I met the organiser during last year’s race in Plavnica. At that time I was surprised how such a small race can offer some things not seen in much wealthier events. Filming of this video showed me that his enthusiasm is not lost so I expect this race to have a bright future.

Registrations are open and you can register at the following link: registration.

One thought on “Ocean Lava Montenegro – video

  1. リラクゼーションヨガ・・・日本ではすっかりヨガが定番化し、「●●ヨガ」といわれるヨガの種類もいっぱいありますよね。その中のひとつ、安定した集客を誇っているのが、ホットヨガではないでしょうか?



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