Ironman South Africa – report

Photo by Christian Van Zyl (Trimax Magazine)

This was my worst performance in the past 5 years. It started with my worst swim ever. Already in T1 I was twelve minutes behind the first and seven minutes behind the group I usually swim with. Things didn’t change on the bike, I had no power and after 90k decided to finish the bike for training and then quit.

photo by Christian Van Zyl (Trimax Magazine)


This was not a bad day, this was 2 levels below a “bad day”. When I have a bad day I swim 2 minutes slower, not seven. I can only guess what the reason might be, but I think I know why this happened. In the period after Guadeloupe I had a lot of obligations outside of training and also a lot of training. I couldn’t recover and felt bad in training, but I figured out everything will be fine after a few easy days. Turns out, I was wrong. I was still too tired when the gun went off on Sunday.

Quitting is something I don’t like to do, but this time it was a wise choice. Maybe I could have finished in 20-25th spot, but that would only prolong the recovery period. Now I’ll have few easy days and resume with normal preparations for Ironman Nice. This time I won’t have much other stuff to do except training, so I expect to be my normal self soon. I had bad races before. After each failure I got back stronger and I’ll do that again.


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