Embrunman preview

Training camp in St. Moritz came to an end. I’m happy with both quality and quantity of training and I think I’m in a good shape for the second part of the season.

Yesterday I arrived to Embrun where I’ll try to defend my title tomorrow. Yes, the race is on Monday. It’s always on August 15th which is a holiday in France. The run course was changed a bit compared to previous years. Now we have to run 3 smaller loops instead of 2 bigger. That means we’ll have to go up steep climb one more time, but we won’t have to go up the smaller climb. We shall see if this change makes the course faster or slower.


The field doesn’t seem to be as strong as last year. Zamora is not racing this year and del Corral is chasing points for Hawaii and won’t race as well. My main opponents should be Cunnama who was third last year, Croneborg and Maik Twelsiek. Course record holder Faure is also on the list, but he hasn’t raced much recently and I don’t think he’s in a shape he was when setting the record.

One of factors that will be much different then last year is weather. Last year it was quite cold with a bit of rain and this year the forecast calls for a sunny day with high of 29 Celsius. I tend to do well in cold conditions and I know Cunnama and Croneborg prefer warmer weather. However, I think I can do well in warm weather also and will give my best to secure bib number 1 for next year.


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