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I haven’t written much lately, but I’ve started a vlog. So far, I’ve made six episodes. You can find them here:

Ironman 70.3 Aix report and Petrcane preview

You can always judge how happy I am with my race by the amount of time it goes from it to the report. Obviously, I’m not very happy with Ironman 70.3 Aix. I hope it was just a bad day and not a more serious problem.

The swim went ok. I haven’t lost too much time, but on the other hand, there was way too many guys in front of me. During the first half of the bike I felt pretty good. Not sure how good you can feel while pushing your limits, but I felt like I’m riding well and the power numbers were not too bad either. During the second half of the ride someone shouted that I’m 10 minutes behind the leader. I didn’t feel so good any more.

After disappointing first 2 legs, I wanted to have a good run. First lap was ok and when I wanted to pick it up in the second lap I got a stitch in my stomach that forced me to jog. That stitch stayed there until the end of the race.

I was much more happy with the video then the race

First chance to check if Aix was just a bad day comes this Sunday. I’m racing Croatian championship in middle distance triathlon in Petrcane. Two years ago I won Croatian championship in olympic distance triathlon there, so I hope I’ll still have only good memories of that place after this weekend.

Biokovo climb

Yesterday I raced my first cycling event in the past 10 years. It was 29 kilometer uphill race, starting at the seafront in Podgora and ending at the top of Biokovo mountain (1762m above sea level). This race was scheduled for the past weekend, but due to bad weather conditions they moved it to this one.

(I filmed the video few weeks before and the start point is in Makarska instead of Podgora)

After a bad start I had some chasing to do. Just as I was making contact with the front group, eventual winner broke away. Most probably I wouldn’t be able to follow him anyhow. For the majority of the race I was in three man chase group. We could still see the leader at times, but it didn’t look like we were getting any closer to him. That’s why I didn’t think so much about winning as about not finishing in 4th place.

The climb is though but the last 4-5 kilometers are especially steep. I was sure I saved some energy to do that part properly, but it turned out my reserve was much lower then thought. Legs were empty, but luckily other’s were struggling as well so I managed to finish in top3. Overall, very good training for the next race which is only a week away.



Spring in Ljubuški

After coming back from South Africa I had some free time, so I filmed a short video of my hometown 🙂