Training squad

Since I work full-time all of my training sessions during the week are done before or after work. It’s hard to convince anyone to get up at 5AM to train with me so I train alone. That’s one more reason to look forward to weekends. During those two days I can train with a group. It’s no wonder so much sportsman (and woman) train in a group environment. Sessions are much more fun and you can push yourself a lot more. So if you don’t have a training squad you know what to do.

For the past two months Saturdays are reserved for hill running. We have a beautiful hill just above Zagreb. It’s highest peak is a little more than 1000 meters above sea level and the nature is beautiful there with thick forest and rich wildlife. This Saturday we finally received a glimpse of winter with about 10cm of snow near the top. It’s common to have 50-100 cm of snow on the hill in this part of the year, but this season has been mild so far (like every other season in the past couple of years). One of my childhood fantasies was to live somewhere in the mountains covered with thick forest and a lot of snow so I must say I enjoyed this training session a little bit more than usual.

Here are some photos from the weekend.


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